Month: December 2016

Second Article

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas eve and a nice time with your families, significant others, and children. I tried to use the free time to come in terms how I want to establish this blog in a way, you as the reader can better understand what I want to do with this site and as well give me the opportunity to work further on the topics I want to present to you.  (more…)


Shamanism II

In the second part of the series, I am going to cover up some crucial themes of the nowadays use of the term and as well about the first use of the term.


Main Character Yo Asakura and his spirit partner Amidamaru

As we have seen in the first part of this series, the term shamanism is in use nowadays in various contexts. (more…)

Requiem for a phone

Nowadays there is nothing more normal than the usage of a so-called smartphone.  For some people, the phone seems to be the one and only treasure there is, others despite it or don’t think much about it, a friend of mine has found one, twice a time. As soon as I wake up in the morning, (more…)

Michel Foucault I

As I started studying the history of religions I started with a Seminar called “Zen Buddhism”. It was a rough seminar taking a whole Monday every week and a lot to read between. As I started with comparative religion I heard my professors and colleagues talking, but I couldn’t make sense out of it what they were talking about. At this moment I started learning (more…)

Shamanism I

So here it is, this is going to be my first article about a certain topic. As I started working on a presentation over the topic ”shamanism” I had a particular question in mind that I am about to ask you now: What have a book of an anthropologist, a female shaman in the trans-Himalayan region and a choosable avatar class in a MultiMassivOnlineRolePlayGame MMORPG like World of Warcraft in common? (more…)

First Article

As I am starting right now with my first attempt to build a blog it is kind of getting real here. As I am stepping forward on an academic career I am now at a point where I see that I have really engaging and interesting topics in hand, which I can write about and show you as a reader a little bit more about the world and how I am seeing it. As a scholar-wanna-be of histories of religions, anthropology, psychology and transcultural studies, I want to present here complex theories in a fun and engaging way.   (more…)