First Article

As I am starting right now with my first attempt to build a blog it is kind of getting real here. As I am stepping forward on an academic career I am now at a point where I see that I have really engaging and interesting topics in hand, which I can write about and show you as a reader a little bit more about the world and how I am seeing it. As a scholar-wanna-be of histories of religions, anthropology, psychology and transcultural studies, I want to present here complex theories in a fun and engaging way.  So you may find yourself interested in topics you weren’t interested before or you will see things now from a different perspective. I want to imbue new ways of thinking and encourage you also to comment on my articles if you’re curious or if you disagree with my or someone’s else opinion, but sure I don’t have to tell you to do it in a nice and polite way.

This short blog is about religion, spirituality,  psychology, love and gender, popular media, shamanism, Buddhism, philosophy, culture, japan, etc. I will write about specific topics out of my curricula and other stuff that is interesting to me and which I think will be interesting to you.

As I am just starting making this Blog work, I don’t know exactly how everything will work out, with which topics I will start, which will come next, so on and so forth. As I have just held a speech about shamanism in a global perspective this will be more or the less an entry point, but it will soon change, as I am about writing a paper about media, gender and identification and right after that a paper about religious day to day life in Germany, Europe and the west. So this will be our major topics in the next few months, but there will also be a lot of other minor fun topics to explore. If you think they’re should be some topics which I could know stuff about or you know that I know stuff about, then just give me a reply and I will see what we will get.

So this is it. Creating a blog wasn’t the hardest part in it the hardest part actually so far was the beginning so I’m happy I have that little step behind me and a great future with you together lays before us. Come around soon and read my articles, till then have a good time.





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