Requiem for a phone

Nowadays there is nothing more normal than the usage of a so-called smartphone.  For some people, the phone seems to be the one and only treasure there is, others despite it or don’t think much about it, a friend of mine has found one, twice a time. As soon as I wake up in the morning, before brushing my teeth, washing my face or even switching the light on, at first I use my Phone to turn off the alarm and to look at which time it dare to wake me up. The second after it I’m scrolling down to look through the messages, likes and commentaries to check what happened during sleep, but I don’t open them so they will not take to much attention away.  After that ritual I usual sleep for 5 more minutes.

Nowadays there is nothing more normal than the usage of a so-called smartphone.  For some people, the phone seems to be the one and only treasure there is, others despite it or don’t think much about it, a friend of mine has found one, twice a time. Living with an object directly linked to the internet, social medias, multiplayer massive online role play games MMORPGs, so it can make calls and write SMS if you still want to, changed the whole public sphere.


The iPhone franchise established the smartphone in 2007. There were few ones in circulation from the 90s on.

After nearly ten years the smartphone has become one of the major tools in human live and experience. While bringing people together it also shapes our public life. My grandparents often tell me how confused they are coming to downtown while they see all persons staring at their device. In the public realm, the smartphone enables us, users, to step outside that realm while engaging in an active social world via Internet.

Young babies recognize themselves as a body, or a material entity first when they glare in a mirror and starting to recognize themselves in that projection. This moment is called in development psychology mirror phase.

The mental projection of a bodily self is the first-time constructed. After this first encounter of a body, the child can learn new ways of referring to itself to its parents and also learns new ways to engage with its body with the surrounding reality. In another sense, the symbioses of a human user and an inorganic intelligence make it possible now to recognize a second mirror stage, in which the agents can see a projection of their generated likes, commentaries, views etc. While doing so each of 727f541f981ebd5bc51800001148063cus deposits an archive of social interactions – records of likes, commentaries, and social interactions – enabling the user agent to have a look on his digital (social) body.

The smartphone, therefore, is an extension of our perception over the own social body. In reconfiguring, showing and planning our social circle and having a direct impact on it, we are able to change the perception of us in and through social interactions. After only ten years the smartphone has given a huge impact on the social lives of humans. Some of my friends really hate it being around that kind of technology but can’t even resist having one on their own. We don’t know what will happen in the next ten years, but if there is nothing new the smartphone will continue having that huge impact on our everyday life.

So this is it for today, there will be more content about different medias and the everyday usage of it. Also, I will upload tomorrow or the day after new content about Shamanism and will update the first chapter. So stay tuned.








  1. I am reading this on my smartphone lol. The digital reflection of us we create sadly is abused too much. We feed Google, Facebook with our datas, which will be selled and we are forced to feed them even because, like you mentioned, we can’t escape the digital world. I really would like to give up my phone and go away from all the hate and fakenews we receive over social media but you really can’t. Thus the baby’s reflection in the real life mirror hasn’t that much capitalistic value than it’s prospective one.


    1. You’re hitting the point I wanted to touch. Thanks for the sincere comment. Now that you mention it, I didn’t talk much about capitalism. Informations, Big Data and networks are now valuable goods. What’s more, the object itself is made out of rare materials, glass, algorithm driven memory, etc, where the user doesn’t quit know where they are coming from. But somehow I think I am enabled to critize that, knowing my phone right next to me.

      Yours, Microhead


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