Second Article

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas eve and a nice time with your families, significant others, and children. I tried to use the free time to come in terms how I want to establish this blog in a way, you as the reader can better understand what I want to do with this site and as well give me the opportunity to work further on the topics I want to present to you. 

So I thought a long time what I want to present here and also when I want to present things here. To put it simply, life is hard and time is a rare commodity. As I started running this website, I really thought about updating stuff every day but as I said time is rare and while I’m studying Japanese right now it is kind of hard to maintain such a strict regimen.

So I want to upload as much stuff as possible while having time for learning new stuff, recycling old stuff I already learned, and researching new things to upload, I came up with an Idea to schedule this blog to make it easier for you readers to follow and to read. As you have seen there will be three major topics on the Microhead Telegraph which consist of Media, Philosophy, and modern day religions and spirituality.

On every Tuesday I will upload content concerned with philosophy. As you may have seen I already uploaded some stuff to Michel Foucault, and the first weeks will be assigned to him, but I already preparing another philosophical series which I will name the “Beyond XYZ” series. I will upload content about this subject next week, so stay tuned to that series, where we will engage with interesting topics like classification, gender, modernism, etc.

Every Thursday I will upload content concerning religious groups and overall concepts of modern day spirituality and religion. I already started with the shamanism series, which will be our first encounter with nowaday religions and I am just preparing a second series which will be published right after that.

I just don’t know exactly how to cover the third major topic, the media. I am not sure how this section will work out, but I really want to engage with you on the topic. So I am not quite sure if I can make this category run every week, but I assign Sunday to be the day I publish content to this section. I have a lot of ideas and inspiration to this matter, but in this moment I don’t know exactly how it will work out, but in the next one or two weeks I will figure it out and will give you this third section on a qualitatively high level.

So this it for now folks, if you have inspirational thoughts for me or you really want me to engage in some topics, just l leave me a reply or send me a mail on facebook or twitter. as well you can like this pages to have the latest updates first. As I said before today there will be the start of the first part of our “Beyond” series, which will be online later. Up until then, I wish you a good last week of a year.




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